look i’m going to say it bc it feels like some ppl need to hear it.

whatever tonight has made you feel, and however you have to deal, i love the community and friendships i’ve built from this blog and i still love all of you, even if a lot of us are feeling really shitty about stuff right now and are going to need step away and process what the situation has made us feel. i still think the world of you guys. you guys make this fandom so much fun and are why i stick around.

all my liam girls and boys who feel sad and betrayed (and rightly so) and right now are unsure to call themselves liam girls and boys. all my queer friends who had and maybe still have liam as their fave and feel like they can’t anymore, and maybe won’t after tonight. all my friends who have liam otps and are feeling uncomfortable about it. and as someone with a liam otp i understand that a lot. 

tonight SUCKS. tonight sucks A LOT for many. something and someone we all felt we could talk to each other happily about has done something that has made us all very unhappy. has us feeling like we can’t talk about stuff that we like talking about, that made us happy. and hey, rn i feel the same.

and some of us might not able to get back to place where we can enjoy liam w/o MASSIVE reservations but some of us might, and look that’s okay, too. as long as you don’t excuse his actions and severe lack of apology, and aren’t coming from a gross place, it’s still okay to like him. and if you can’t, you can’t. whatever you choose to make your fandom experience happy and healthy for you isn’t something you should feel bad about. and i hope you don’t. 

tonight a lot of people are still hurting and upset and probably will be tomorrow and maybe liking liam less for a long time. maybe for the rest of the time in this fandom.

and i still love you all. i still wanna to talk to you about these boys, liam included. liam ships included. tonight SUCKS and that’s a fact. another fact is even with my liam foundation shaken i still enjoy thinking about him with his boys. him and his ships and i don’t want anyone to feel like i’m going to judge them maliciously if they do the same.

this isn’t throwing myself on a pyre of ‘this is the right way to feel’ bc it might not be for you, and this FOR SURE ISN’T EXCUSING HIM, but i’ve been seeing friends worry about losing friends because they had liam as #1 or have liam otps and i just wanted to let them know i still want to talk to them even whether or not they move past liam. I’M STILL YOUR FRIEND BASICALLY. I STILL LOVE YOU ALL.

sometimes this is why it’s easier stanning fictional characters. you can divorce an actor for a character when the actor fucks up in a fandom like this it’s harder to move past that. and i get that, and i get that some might not be able to.

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